Getting to London

There are many ways to get to London, below you will find a number of website links. A crossing to London can cost as little as € 30 per person. For more information review the websites below.

By plane

By car

By train

In London

Getting around in London

For the cheapest and best way to get around London visit the Transport for London site.

Whats on in London

There are a number of weekly magazines dedicated to What’s on in London, probably the oldest and best is Time Out approx. € 3.50.

Museums, monuments and sights

The majority of museums are free, you are encouraged to give a voluntary donation. Many of the larger museums have special exhibitions for which there is usually a charge.
The list of major sights below is by no means exhaustive.

Theatre Land

Theatre going is generally pricy. The Society of London Theatres (SOLT) half price booth, in Leicester Sq. (Mon – Sat 14:30 – 18:30, Sun noon – 15:00), sells tickets for that day’s performances of all the West End shows. Tickets are sold for cash only and a maximum of 4 tickets per person.